Vinyl wallcovering

The decorative wallcoverings are notable for their delicate structure and wide range of rich and easy-to-coordinate colours. These wallcoverings are designed for buildings with beautifully decorated walls : hotels, restaurants, property developers and high-end offices, function rooms, commercial properties and retirement accommodation.

2 qualities are available : a wide compact vinyl on a reinforced non-woven base, resistant to knocks and scratches, designed for heavy-duty use and high-traffic areas. Or on a heavy paper quality on standard width vinyl on non-woven.

In a continual effort to improve the air quality of spaces for their users, since 2018 all of our vinyl acoustic wallcoverings have been produced without phthalates, the majority in ISO 14001 factories, using solvent-free printing inks and varnishes, VOC A+/ The Vinacoustic collections contain 26% recycled materials and have FDES to objectively measure their environmental impacts during their life-cycle (LCA)

Intense-use PVC wallcovering

A compact, phthalate-free PVC product, highly impact –resistant and washable. The installation of these wallcoverings is quick and easy, with simple edge-to-edge installation. A beautiful decorative alternative to fibreglass, long-lasting and cost-effective.

Vinyl wallpaper

Heavy-vinyl wallpapers on a non-woven backing, 70cm width, quick and easy to install in all lay-outs. Designed in decorative thematics, plains, micro-patterns and coordinated motifs, these collections are notable for the finishing techniques that complete the decors.