Acoustic blind

The current architecture of buildings promotes the use of natural light by including large glazed surfaces that are also highly reverberant. The blinds not only manage the dazzle and thermal comfort, but also provide acoustic correction with an absorption rating of αw 0.65

To guarantee acoustic comfort in all configurations of a space, the acoustic blind can be combined with other absorbent surfaces such as wallcoverings or acoustic panels.

2 acoustic fabrics with complementary styles and characteristics are available : the PVC screen Batyline by Ferrari and the elegant textile screen Zen.

Combine the fabric with different types of blinds, finishes for Roller blind mechanisms and options available

• Roller blinds

• Vertical blinds

• Japanese screens

3 type of acoustic blinds can be made to measure to meet the specific requirements of your project : roller blinds, vertical blinds and Japanese screens.

Each one meets specific criteria in terms of size, style and the benefits sought-after. Once the type of blinds has been chosen, a wide range of mechanisms, fabrics and options are available to create 100% custom blinds in our workshops.

- Vertical blinds : to easily regulate and vary the amount of light and privacy, whilst maintaining a large surface area for acoustic correction. Ideal for large picture windows.

- Roller blinds : easy to use, space-saving and easy to adapt to all types of glazed surfaces. They can be used as a screen for projection. Their acoustic efficiency varies with the amount of fabric unrolled.

- Japanese screens : ideal for creating private spaces whilst letting in the light. The screens are easy to use, can be used in many combinations and guarantee a large quantity of fabric for the acoustic correction.

The many benefits of acoustic blinds : acoustic comfort, thermal protection, regulating light and privacy, decorative.

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