Vinacoustic Gallery

This collection surprises by combining tradition and modernity: a contemporary yesteryear bringing together a genuine linen material and a modern 3D embossing.

The majestic Gallery design is set apart with its vertical XL dimension, particularly effective for high ceilings. The design is composed of embossed vertical and slanting lines of different sizes, catching the light and revealing different facets. The straight lines and energy of this design are in perfect harmony with the soft comforting suppleness of the Linen.

The tonal Gallery design dresses feature walls just as effectively as large spaces or corridors. It comes in 11 essential shades: an elegant anthracite, a refreshing aquamarine blue and also natural shades inspired by traditional linen. From the plain in the Vinacoustic Linen collection, the pattern coordinates with the palette of 29 shades, allowing beautiful combinations, alternating a decor with depth with the sobriety of the plain.

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