Functional, decorative solutions to fit out public buildings
Wallcoverings - acoustic panels


Strongly recommended in spaces where noise must be controlled, the double-sided AirPanel acoustic panels
attenuate and correct reverberation very efficiently. Made up of a sound absorber, a perforated metallic structure
and an acoustical transverse textile membrane, they are suspended from the ceiling or are installed between two
spaces in the form of separators.

2-sided AirPanel panels are designed to be used to complement 1-sided AirPanel panels to fi t the specific
configuration of any space:

• Installed in baffles above the area to be worked, these absorbers do not obstruct the flow of light and
air (air-conditioning) nor the safety systems installed (smoke detectors, sprinklers).

• Laid out as clusters of mobile panels or as separators at a height appropriate for the uses of the location,
these assemblies provide numerous advantages and are at the same time attractive, acoustic and

Double-sided acoustic Airpanel offer the solution of acoustically efficient comfort meeting the regulatory standards
for new buildings. For renovation, their wide variety of styles, dimensions and assemblies enable easy integration
in spaces that have already been laid out and are an appropriate solution for the identified challenge.

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