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Wallcoverings - acoustic panels

Vinacoustic Abaca

This wallcovering is inspired by the Indonesian vegetal fibre known for its strength, which has many uses including bulk bags, fishing nets or artisanal products such as bags, rugs, clothes and furniture.

The pigmentation of the fibres when woven give the textile a subtly mixed shading, creating horizontal patterns similar to wild silk.

The choice of shades created and chosen for the new bright colour palette are evocative of reinvention.

Vegetal weave effect in Abaca fibre in a large range of 23 plains

Print'Airpanel Vol.1

The Print’AirPanel collection gives you the opportunity to personalise your acoustic panels using two different methods which can be used together or combined : a catalogue of images created by our designers or your own visuals, printed on the textile cover of our panels.

These decors have been designed to coordinate with the plain “Twist” textile on which they are printed, allowing discrete tonal harmonies or graphic coloured mosaics.


A new edition of the eponymous collection, ELEMENT presents its hammered finish on vinyl in a new colour palette.

A range of warm shades with a subtle sheen which enhances the structure and catches the light.

Metallic overprinting effects refine this plain adding subtle touches of oxidised copper, lin and chrome.

This product coordinates with a modernised interlocking design, muted by a textile mesh.


These 2 collections make reference to the Japanese gardens and the architecture of the Katsura Imperial Villa: a wallcovering made of fine plant slats plaited vertically, which are used as the basis for decorating Japanese walls.

It takes a fresh look at this traditional decor to create two unique ambiances:

- Vinacoustic Katsura:
A matt colour, tone on tone, with subtle blends of coloured slubs creating a soft, random vertical rhythm. Available in a wide range of plant tones, this wall covering creates a decor that is at...



Strongly recommended in spaces where noise must be controlled, the double-sided AirPanel acoustic panels
attenuate and correct reverberation very efficiently.

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